TestBox2 9.05.09 CDMA Modem R-TooL

TestBox2 team present new alternative software for CDMA terminals.
@ No needed logs.
@ No needed internet.
@ No exist limits of the counters.
@ The fully standalone solution.
@ Safe FW protected methode of Unlocking - newer destroy ur device via unsupported FW vers..
@ Auto-detection SW, FW and backup Security Level Zone.
Avaiable Direct unlock in 5 secund.

ZTE - MF 620
ZTE - MF 626

Novatel - MC950D
Novatel - MC990D

Samsung CDMA B239, B259, B279, E159, F519, F679, S109, S229, S259, S269, S299, S339, S399.

B.R. TestBox2 team

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