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SE TOOL version 0.915057
02-12-2009 10:57
  • Added support for repair dead db3200-based lg phones (gt505,etc)
  • Added support for repair semc a2 phones with flash cid>otp cid
  • Credits consumption same as a2 cid53 unlock feature.
  • Download

SE TOOL version 0.915056
06-11-2009 14:14
  • Added full support for s1_open PDA phones (satio).
  • Added possibility of generating new password for account.
  • Download

SE TOOL version 0.915053
09-10-2009 10:53
  • A2 cid53 alternative bypass will not damage device key anymore. because of that one more phone restart required, but who cares ?
  • "Unlock during flash" enabled for s1 phone patch unlock
  • Some not important fixups, thx to imobile for bugreports.
  • Download

SE TOOL version 0.915052
08-10-2009 8:43
  • Tested,fixed and apporved support for db3350 phones, thx to imobile
  • as my "dear friends" used to say: world first, genuine,blablabla,etc.
  • anyway, i'm sure everything works now for db3350 -
  • full signature unlock
  • altbypass mode
  • flashing, filesystem, gdfs,trim area operations. -->>
  • Download

SE TOOL version 0.915051
28-09-2009 11:46
  • Added full support for upcoming semc db3350 phones. As there are no phones on market, we can not test it, so support for db3350 marked as HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL.
  • flashing/gdfs/filesystem operations should work flawlessly.
  • full unlock via signature and "alternative bypass mode" SHOULD work too, but that things are absolutely not tested, so MAKE GDFS BACKUP before doing full unlock and only touch alternative security bypass if you absolutely crazy -->>
  • Download

SE TOOL version 0.915050
21-09-2009 9:04
  • Added alternative security bypass for semc a2 cid53 phones.
  • That allow you to repair completely dead a2 cid53 phones:
  • destroyed trim area
  • foreign gdfs
  • damaged semcboot
  • please note, that alternative security bypass for a2 cid53 IS NOT free and NOT STANDALONE (check prices for details)
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SE TOOL version 0.915045
14-09-2009 9:13
  • Fixed brown db201x handling. greatly sorry.
  • Download

SE TOOL version 0.915043
08-09-2009 11:32
  • Added RESET mode for db200x,db201x,db2020 phones.
  • after such operation phone will became developer (brown) state.
  • you can do anything with phone (write gdfs, unlock,etc) while phone in that state. you can find all details in FAQ -->>
  • Download
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SE TOOL server - changes
26-08-2009 16:41
  • s1 server is working now.
  • sadly to say, srv02 is down forever.
  • all users transferred to srv01.
  • if you had account on srv02 and receive now "bad username/password", then add "dup_" to username, i.e.
  • was "user01" - became "dup_user01"
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SE TOOL version 0.915040
24-07-2009 10:25
  • Fixed csca activation for a2 phones. greatly sorry
  • Download

SE TOOL version 0.915039
22-07-2009 16:07
  • Signed mode S1 loaders updated to support latest AID versions
  • Some not important bugfixes and addons
  • Download
SE TOOL version 0.915038
05-06-2009 17:41
  • Timeout for A2 flashing increased, that fixed error "can't get NET header" on some models in the end of filesystem flashing
  • Unsigned mode A2 loaders updated to latest versions
  • Some not important bugfixes
  • Download
SE TOOL version 0.915037
02-06-2009 10:48
  • Model list updated
  • Signed mode A2 loaders updated to latest versions
  • Some not important bugfixes
  • Download
SE TOOL version 0.915035
05-05-2009 9:02
  • Updated model list
  • Updated bypass packages
  • Added support for db3200 cid49, cid51, cid52 alternative security bypass
  • Added support for db3200, db3210 cid53 flashing,gdfs operations,etc
  • Added support for db3200, db3210 cid53 unlocking (via signature server, at the moment 2 credits required) -->>
  • Download
SE TOOL version 0.915034
23-02-2009 8:31
  • PDA support was broken,fixed
  • Fixed fs operations for pnx5230 on serial interfaces
  • Added timer for new-type testpoints processing
  • Minor gui fixes/addons
  • Download
SE TOOL version 0.915033
13-02-2009 8:03
  • "Gnd”- type testpoint was broken,fixed (thx to aamir zia for report)
  • A2 loaders updated to current version
  • Bypass packages updated
  • Some minor not important changes
  • Download
SE TOOL version 0.915032
02-02-2009 11:22
  • Fixed “lg ku58" unlock bug (after unlock phone hangs on “lg logo” and repair flash was needed)
  • Some minor gui enhancements
  • Download

SE TOOL version 0.915031
26-01-2009 9:45
  • Officially approved support for sagem a2 cid185,cid186 phones. die,kukuruzer (and other ****) stealers (all you can do is steal and use ready stolen thing)
  • Added ECC mode selection for A2 phones. “mode 0″ required for phone,damaged by kukuruzer (and other ****) for normal firmwares “mode 1″ is required.
  • Fixed many minor and major bugs.
  • Added many minor bugs maybe not
  • Download (Full setup)

SE TOOL version 0.915030
30-12-2008 8:22

SE TOOL version 0.915029
29-12-2008 9:46
  • A2 flashing speed increased ~15%
  • Enabled error correction protocol for semc a2 phones
  • Again lowered altbypass speed of locosto-based phones to 460800 ;)
  • Misc unimportant changes/cosmetic bugfixes
  • Download
  • Download (FULL SETUP)

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